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How to Get Reconnected to Your Audio System

Having any of these concerns? The phone won’t connect to your Honda, the phone disconnects, a device not found, or device not compatible message appears? Erratic behavior, system reboots, screen goes blank, system freezes or missing XM channels? If so, there are some steps that can be taken that just might fix it.

Often times, we find that most audio system concerns are not a problem with the vehicle but a problem with a device connected to the system. Here are some things to try before bringing it into our Service Department:


Check Phone Compatibility

Check HandsFreeLink to ensure the device you’re using is compatible with your car.

Restart Your Phone

Fully power off your device and turn it back on before trying to reconnect it to the vehicle.

Check for Software Updates

Find out if your phone is using the latest software available. If it isn’t using the latest software update, download and install it. Restart your phone, then try reconnecting it to your vehicle.

Try a Different Device

Try a different phone. If the different phone works, go through settings on your original device to match to the working device to see if that resolves the issue.

update your phone to troubleshoot connectivity


Check the Cable

To prevent any potential issues, be sure to use an Apple MFi Certified Lighting Connector for Apple CarPlay. For Android Auto, the USB cables should be certified by USB-IF to be compliant with USB 2.0 Standard and must be in good condition. If the cable isn’t original equipment (from the factory your phone is from) or it is showing signs of fraying, wear (a white cable will look dirty), or damaged, replace it.

Note – iPhone Only: Be aware that there are counterfeit or uncertified lighting accessories on the market. To learn more about this, visit Apple Support to identify counterfeit items.

Try a Different Cable

Try a different cable. If neither cable works, continue through the troubleshooting list.

Don’t Leave Cables Plugged In

When you’re not using your cable to charge your phone or connect to the infotainment system, unplug the cord from the USB port.

Disconnect Devices for a Couple Days

If possible, disconnect all devices and cables for a couple of days to see if the problem still occurs.

USB Ports

Audio System

Delete All Devices From System

Completely delete all devices from the bluetooth device list. Then try reconnecting your phone to bluetooth.

Factory Reset Your Audio System

Perform a factory reset. Go to Home > Settings > Vehicle > Factory Data Reset.
This will delete all of your settings and devices. When complete, try pairing your phone to your vehicle.

Infotainment System

Still having connectivity issues?

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