When Should I Change My Oil?

September 4th, 2018 by

One of the most important, and yet most overlooked, aspects of your car is the oil. As the lubricant for the engine, oil acts as the lifeblood of your Honda, preventing your engine from overheating by reducing friction. Without them, sludge could build up in the engine and lead to expensive and even irreparable damage under the hood. However, as important as it is for proper engine function, drivers routinely wait too long to get their oil changed. When too much time lapses between these integral oil changes, disaster results.


How Often Should You Change Your Oil?

If you follow Honda’s recommendations and the Maintenance Minder, and check your oil level at every gas fill up, you should be fine and covered under warranty. However, if you are not going to consistently check your levels, we recommend changing your oil every 3,750 miles or 6 months (whichever comes first) with 0W-20 Full Synthetic Oil.

Our recommendations are derived from your owner’s manual as well as our own experience with driving conditions encountered locally. When daily driving habits put your car’s engine under extra stress, it will need more frequent oil changes. Drivers who call Erie, PA and the surrounding areas home fall into the “Severe Conditions” Category. Stressful conditions include:

  • Driving in very cold or very hot weather (thanks, Mother Nature)
  • Making lots of short trips every day (we’re talking less than 5 miles at a time)
  • Towing heavy trailers
  • Idling for long periods of time
  • Driving on muddy or dusty roads


The moral of the story is check your oil levels and check them often! If you’re still not sure how often you should be changing your oil, our service team will be happy to answer any of your questions and help figure out which schedule is best for your car!

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