Car Wash at Bianchi Honda – Erie, PA

October 17th, 2016 by

Bianchi Honda Car Wash

The Bianchi Honda car wash is available to anyone who purchases a vehicle from Bianchi Honda. You’ll receive a free wash every time you visit our dealership to keep your car clean and in good condition. Anyone who purchases a new or pre-owned vehicle receives this amenity for the length of ownership of that vehicle. The car wash is conveniently located to the left of our service department, and is open during the same hours as the service department. If you head to the homepage of our website, you’ll find a widget indicating whether or not it is open or closed, saving you the trip should it be down for any reason.

Bianchi Honda Car Wash

Before entering the wash, double check to make sure your windows are all up. If you need to remove an antenna, do so before entering. To enter, simply pull up to the bay to the left of our service department. Follow the instructions on the signs outside, pulling into the wash slowly and aligning your front driver-side wheel onto the pedal that activates the washer. Put your car in park. Once the wash is finished, the indicator will turn yellow, and you may proceed slowly out of the car wash.

With the Erie winter ahead of us, the car wash is only available when it is above 40 degrees Fahrenheit, during our open service hours. When it’s 40 degrees or colder outside, it is closed due to the freezing temperatures, which are harsh on the equipment in the car wash if left in operation.

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