Customer Car Wash Serves Seven Million

August 3rd, 2017 by

One of the main benefits customers enjoy when they purchase from Bianchi Honda is unlimited use of our customer car wash for the duration of their ownership for their vehicle.

After an estimated 7 million washes, the customer car wash has been retired. A new car wash machine has been purchased and a new car wash building is now just a short distance down Auto Row.

We thank you for your understanding as there may be a short unavailability of the customer car wash as we transition from the old wash to the new customer car wash. Feel free to call before making the trip to the dealership, or check out our car wash widget on the front page of our website to see if it is open.

Hopefully by the end of September, customers can start looking forward to using the new customer car wash.

Bianchi Honda Customer Car Wash

New Customer Car Wash

The new customer car wash will function in the same way the old car wash worked. Bianchi Honda customers who are not as familiar with the wash can use the following steps to enter and use the car wash:

Step One:

Enter the dealership premises via Auto Row and drive to the new car wash entrance, which is the fourth inlet along auto row. Should there be a line, customers are asked to not block the entrances along Auto Row to allow other vehicles in and out of the various parking lots.

Step Two:

If your vehicle has an antenna, such as the older Honda CR-V models, be sure to remove it before entering the wash. Ensure that all your windows are up and if equipped, your moon-roof is in a fully shut position.

Step Three:

If there is another car in the wash, allow it to clear the air dryers before you proceed into the wash. Drive your vehicle into the empty wash bay, lining up your front left tire with the activation pad on the floor of the car wash. Incorrect placement may cause damage to the wheel. In the wash on the left-hand side, a green “traffic” light will turn red when your vehicle is in the correct position in the wash. Leave your car on and place your shifter in park or neutral.

Step Four:

The customer car wash will take about a minute and a half. Wait until the wash has come to a stop and the “traffic” light has turned yellow. At that time, the air dryers will turn on and you may proceed slowly out of the car wash bay.

Step Five:

Upon exiting the car wash, customers must stop at the stop sign and watch for traffic from all directions before proceeding left into the parking lot and back onto Auto Row. Place your antenna back on your vehicle when you’re in a safe place to stop and do so.

If you are unsure of how to use the car wash and need assistance, you may go to the Service Department to ask for someone to help you. Drivers that have not purchased a car from Bianchi Honda may stop at the Service Department to purchase a wash at a cost of $9.99 (plus tax) per wash.

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