Honda Celebrates Achievements of Recent Grads through College Graduate Program

May 2nd, 2016 by


You’ve got your diploma, you’ve got your first job. What’s next? A fresh set of wheels! Honda is helping new grads by rewarding them for their hard work by offering a $500 college graduate bonus. The $500 reward can be used toward a lease or purchase through Honda Financial Service (HFS) on any 2016 or newer Honda vehicle.

College graduates who qualify include those who will graduate in the next 6 months, or have already graduated within the past two years. Master’s, Bachelor’s, or Associate degrees from U.S. accredited colleges, or graduates of a registered nursing school are all eligible during the program, which runs until March 31st, 2017.

Not sure if you should lease or buy as a new graduate? Here’s what our sources at Autotrader had to say: “The rule of thumb on leasing a new car – at least according to many parents we know — is that you’re paying something and getting nothing. But we’ve got a slightly different perspective on this. When you graduate from college, it’s hard to say where you’re going to be a few years down the road. Maybe you’ll be backpacking across Asia by then, or living in a city where you don’t need a car. But if you can count on staying put for at least the next two years, leasing could be a very convenient option.”

While buying a car might not be the first thing on a graduates mind after college, Honda offers various benefits to make the decision and process easier. This includes the benefits of deferring the first payment for 90 days, as well as building credit through the flexible and competitive finance and lease packages. See the site for details.

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