How to Pair Your Phone with Bluetooth to Your Honda

February 20th, 2019 by

With Bluetooth HandsFreeLink, you can connect calls, listen to music and podcasts, and receive text messages while keeping your eyes on the road and your hands on the wheel.

See which phones are compatible with your Honda.

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Learn how to connect your specific phone to your Honda.

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PLEASE NOTE: Bluetooth pairing can only be done when the vehicle is in park.

Newer Honda Vehicles with Display Audio Touch Screen

1. On the phone; verify Bluetooth is ON and it’s in discoverable mode. (Consult your phone’s user manual for instructions on how to change these settings.)

2. On your Honda; press the PHONE button on the radio unit.

3. Select YES and then CONTINUE.

4. Select your phone from the list.

  • Verify the number on the phone matches the number on the system and press the confirmation button on the phone.
  • If the phone prompts for the pairing pass-code; enter the pairing pass-code provided by the system into the phone.

6. If the phone is not found by the system; select PHONE NOT FOUND. The handsfree system will prompt you to begin the pairing search from the phone. Click here for pairing instructions for your specific phone.

7. Once the phone is paired; the system will notify you that the pairing was complete. The system may prompt you with “Turn On HondaLink Assist”.

  • If your phone supports enhanced features such as message and phonebook access; the system will display “Automatic Phone Sync”. Select ON for phone information to be imported or OFF to not allow the system to synchronize these features. Check your phone for any popup messages and be sure to select the check boxes to always allow access to the MAP and PBAP requests if asked. Not accepting these requests may cause Bluetooth connection problems.

Newer Honda Vehicles with Color Audio System (no touchscreen)

Using the selector knob to make and enter selections:

1. Press the Phone or Pick-up button to go to the Phone screen. A prompt appears. Select Yes.

2. Make sure your phone is in discovery mode. Select OK.

3. The system searches for your phone. Select your phone when it appears on the list.

  • If your phone does not appear:
    Select “Phone Not Found?” and search for HandsFreeLink from your phone. Connect to HFL.

4. The system gives you a pairing code. Compare it to the code that appears on your phone. Connect to HFL from your phone.

For all other Honda models, or if you are having trouble, please refer to your owners manual.

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