How to use Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC)

August 8th, 2018 by

Cruise Control – most drivers have come to know and love this feature, especially if you’re the kind of driver who loves racking up miles on the highway. So how did Honda improve the already highly favored driving tool? They upgraded it to Adaptive Cruise Control, or ACC.

Adaptive Cruise Control maintains a set interval behind detected vehicles so that as you approach them, your vehicle maintains a set distance behind it with a limited breaking function.* As you move around the vehicle in the changing lane, your vehicle will go back up to your set speed, given there is a clear path to do so without any additional action from the driver.

To turn on Adaptive Cruise Control:

• Press the MAIN button (ACC will appear on the instrument panel. Lane Keeping Assist or LKAS will be engaged also.)

To set the vehicle speed:

• Accelerate to the desired speed (above 25 MPH). Then press the -/SET button and take your food off the pedal to set the speed

To adjust the vehicle speed:

• Press the RES/+ button to increase, or the -/SET button to decrease speed.

To adjust the following interval:

• Press the INTERVAL Button to change the following interval. Each time you press the button, the following interval setting cycles through short, middle, long, and extra-long – measured in seconds.

How to Switch to Standard Cruise Control

• Press and hold the Interval Button. Cruise Mode appears in the multi-information
display. Press and hold the button again to switch back to ACC.




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*This system may not detect all vehicles, such as motorcycles. It may mistake some objects for preceding vehicles. It shouldn’t be used in bad weather, heavy traffic, or slippery roads. See the owner’s manual for detailed information and warnings.